Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Latest Beauty Buys

I'm really bad with money, like really bad. I make a list in my notes on my phone of things i want... er need, and as soon as I get money i'm spending like a maniac. So I thought I would share with you guys the latest purchases i've made, and love!

First up on the list is this adorable Panda's brightening eye base by Tony Moly. Tony Moly is a Korean brand that does a bunch of things ranging from makeup to skincare and quite a bit of it comes in this adorable packaging. I apply this eye base after i moisturise and prime my face to lighten under my eyes and it works wonders. It looks stupidly white but blends so so well into the skin, and I have slightly tan skin so. It is quite creamy so you do have to set under your eyes with a powder after you apply concealer and such after so that it doesn't crease but it really does lighten dark circles.

Then I also finally nabbed the Laura Mercier translucent powder which I know i'm really late on getting. This helps to 'bake', or basically set your makeup and highlight areas where it's applied on. I leave it on my face for a few minutes before cleaning it all up and it gives that neat clean finish. I also grabbed the Rapidlash eyelash enhancing serum after reading a bunch of reviews on it on amazon (where it's also cheaper compared to boots) I can't say too much on this right now because it takes weeks to see massive results but so far it's made my lashes a little longer, stronger and they generally look better. If you're looking to get longer healthier lashes then this is for you, and I mean who doesn't want longer lashes??

Next up is the Clarisonic Mia 2, which I have seen soooo many people rave on about. I've finally recently changed my skincare routine, which I will write about in another post, and felt that this beautiful addition was the perfect thing to really complete it. I wasn't even aware that something like this existed till recently! It basically cleanses your skin, there's a timer on it for each section of the face so you're not too harsh on your skin. The brush is super soft and perfect for someone like me who has sensitive skin. Brushes are replaced every 3 months so everything stays nice and clean. It's rechargeable and comes with a travel case and is basically the perfect way to really care for your skin. You can use this with a gel or foam cleanser, it also comes with a mini foam one if you want to try that out!
I also started dabbling in the magic that is colour correcting, my god what a world that is. So I had a walk around Boots the other day and spotted this creamy green colour corrector by Soap and Glory. It basically helps to hide any red patches of skin on your face, especially ones from spots etc. The texture is nice and smooth, easy to apply and very blendable.

The last thing on my list is another Tony Moly product, i'm seriously a little obsessed with this brand. It's a hand cream that comes in a tub that looks like a peach (my friends like to tease and call it a nipple but ain't no one ruining this for me). It smells d e l i c i o u s, like I cannot stress this enough. If you like the smell of peaches or peach candy then this is heavenly. It's also really moisturising and sinks into the skin so well and so fast so you don't get that weird sticky slimy feeling. There's also a really cute lip balm in the same kind of tub that smells and tastes like peaches if you want the set! I definitely did so I have both.

I hope you guys have enjoyed seeing what little bits i've been picking up and hopefully some of it can be of some kind of use! Since I've been picking up new additions what have you guys been buying lately?

Roxy xox



  1. lovely

  2. Every time I buy beauty stuff I say that I won't be purchasing anything till the end of the month. It never happened hahaha, I always end up buying more :) Great picks!


  3. Love the marble table! Please check out my latest hair tutorial on how to wave with a flat iron!

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  4. Lovely. Great picks!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  5. Your photos are so lovely! An IG user informed me about the LM baking trend which I have slowly been getting into. It's been great as I've had a few special events this past month and tried baking and I think it really helped to set my concealer and help keep things looking bright! I really wanna try more Soap & Glory products, particularly the makeup line. I don't think those are available in the U.S. right now but since skincare is here now, I'm hoping the makeup line will be soon to follow.

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  6. great review! would love to try the Laura Mercier powder!

  7. I love the Clarisonic. I've had mine for 3 years now and it's still going strong :)



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