Friday, 1 January 2016

2016 Resolutions

Take more pictures. I don't mean take more selfies, I mean take more photos of places, of people and most importantly of and with friends. I realise this year I didn't do much of that. I have two film cameras and I think I took one out with me once all year. Creating memories is important, photographing them makes them last forever.

Get away from social media. I learnt this one in 2015 when I was going through a bad period in my life so I deactivated my Facebook, hopped on a train and left London for a bit. Honestly, it was one of the best things i've ever done. It gave me the time to really see everything around me without the distraction of checking Facebook/Twitter/Insta. Even as i'm typing this I have a tab for twitter open. So this year i'm dedicating a day a week where I go out, put my phone on airplane mode (music is still important) and explore a little or do something without texting people and seeing who's doing what on Facebook.

Buy more lingerie and nice underwear. There is nothing like wearing nice underwear and being the only person who knows how sexy you are in it. It makes you feel so good. It's also great if you have a special someone in your life who gets to see it and appreciate you with you. Get rid of old underwear that you've had from 5 years ago. It's probably underwear you would never ever wear anymore. If it's the kind of underwear you wouldn't want another person to see then throw it out. Besides, lounging around in nice underwear make you feel pretty great.

LOVE yourself. I mean really love yourself. Whether that's through eating that slice of cake you've been too worried to eat incase you gain weight or running yourself a bath with candles and rose petals. You are more than enough, and you are all that you need. Tell yourself everyday that you're a wonderful person who deserves the best. Self love is the most important thing. Drink a lot of water, keep a bottle by your bed, treat yourself to the things you really want, but also love people worthy of your love. Show them you care, and they'll do the same. Stop caring for people who don't care about you. If someone affects your life in any negative way you are not obliged to entertain it and keep them around. Own one dark lipstick. (Trust me you'll feel like such a badass)

Have a clear out. I don't just mean clothes either, I mean hair products, makeup and other things you tend to buy so much of and hoard for years. That ugly jumper from 2010 in your wardrobe, you know the one, let's be honest you're never going to wear it. Get rid of it. You know it, I know it, so why are you still holding onto it like it has magical powers? It doesn't. I like to give my mum makeup I never use. I gave my mum and aunt lipsticks that i've never touched because the shade just isn't for me the other day. I got a pair of fake eyelashes in my Glossybox too, which I gave to my friend because I don't wear fake lashes. My point being if you won't use it but someone else can get good use out of it give it to them. If you can sell it then even better! Go on depop and sell that stuff. You get rid of something and make money, what could be better? 

Save more, spend less. I understand, I really do, that you saw that stunning strappy black dress or those shiny shoes that you just need. Do you really need them? Most of the time you don't. You just want them. It's okay to buy things you want, but don't do it too much because there probably is something you really need that you have to save for and haven't. Like travelling. You want that nice relaxing holiday to Barbados (or wherever) then you have got to save. Want to go to a music festival in summer? Save. You don't even need to save a lot. Just a little everyday and you'll find that it all works out nicely.

Roxy xox 


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