Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Perfume Picks

Sorry for the MIA! It wasn't intentional, just had a lot happening all at once and had to deal with it before returning to blogging. Anyway, enough of that, today's post isn't about what's been happening in my life but more about my top three perfume picks! Perfume is something I'm ridiculously fussy with. I tend to dislike most because they're either very floral, or too musky. I don't like either of those options. I do however have my top three perfumes that I adore and use on a daily basis. (Not all at once, don't worry.)

The first I ever really fell in love with and have repurchased three times so far is Si, by Giorgio Armani. I think I discovered it in my first or second year of university, basically when it had first been released. I had just gotten my student finance in and was overly excited with the amount of money I had (as we all are/were) and went into Boots to smell all the perfumes. That was when I stumbled on it and pretty much fell in love. It is described as "The Modern and Elegant Chypre. Chic, sultry, intense and soft at the same time, Sì is a chypre scent reinvented, lingering on the skin and captivating the senses.

It combines an inflection of three accords: blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre and light musky wood. The fragrance opens with notes of Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin oil and blackcurrant liqueur which is supported by a heart which bursts wi
th Rose May, Neroli and Egyptian Jasmine. Warm undertones caress the unique chypre base notes of Patchouli oil intertwined with Blond Woods, amber and musky undertones known as OrcanoxTM. Finished with a sweet animalic accord of Vanilla which gives this fragrance, longevity and unforgettable sillage." For me, it's probably the most elegant smell out of all three of these perfumes.

The second I fell for as My Burberry, by Burberry. Now, if you know me you'll know i'm quite the burberry fan. I have a Burberry wallet and recently grabbed a leather jacket from there so this perfume is my cherry on top. First of all I like how cute and elegant the bottle is. It's simple with a nice gold bow. As for the smell, well, the first time i saw it this lady asked if i wanted to give it a smell and I said no. She then walks by with it and a sample paper in her hand that she must have sprayed before and I literally followed her because I could smell it and it was SO good. The top notes are sweet pea and bergamot, heart notes of geranium, golden quince and freesia. Base notes of patchouli, rain-tipped damask and centifolia roses. It says it captures the "fragrance of a London garden after the rain." So you can imagine how incredible it smells. It's a scent that works either day or night for me and probably for all seasons round.

The third, and final is Intense by Dolce and Gabbana. Now this is a recent addition that I came on by chance when i was bored in boots and decided to smell everything in the vicinity (that includes people! Kidding.) I was actually a little stuck between this and Love Spell by Chloe but ultimately decided on this. It has a very sweet but strong smell, the kind you know will last forever. It's elegant, and comes in a chic velvet case. The product is described "The heightened potency of this oriental floral ignites the senses, as unashamedly provocative notes of vaporous white flowers evoke long-forgotten memories and incite deep passion." With notes of raspberry, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose and sandalwood. If you want a perfume that's a little sultry, then this is it.



  1. Haven't had a chance to try any of these, but they look great. Love perfumes, my favorite is Black Opium by YSL!

    1. They're really lovely, and i'll have to give that a whiff when i'm next in boots!


  2. Hey girl I LOVE your blog! So cute and fun!


    btw I am having a GIVEAWAY and I want you to win!

  3. Lovely photo! I haven't tried any of these before but I'll have to have a spray next time I'm in Boots haha. My favourite perfume is Gucci Rush 2 !


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