Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Purple Lipstick

I adore lipsticks. Adore. I have so many you could probably swim in them, this is my eyeliner. You know how most people can't go out of the house without eyeliner? For me it's lipstick. I don't care about anything else as much as I do this. It's just that thing that can really transform everything and make your entire face just, pop.
To be specific though my favourite lipsticks tend to be red or berry toned (which I'll talk about in another post), browns and purples! Yes, purple.

I have these 5 so far that just never let me down and I adore each and every one of them. Okay so first up is Revlon in Va Va Violet, which looks darker than it is. I thought it would be almost black and boy was I wrong. It's a really lovely nice, deep purple with berry tones. The best thing about the Revlon lipsticks is how moisturising they are and the amazing pigment. On the downside it can obviously slide off easily when you eat and drink, but if you're not worried about reapplying then this is great. The lipstick has vitamin e and avocado oil which is great for your lips. Has a lovely lustrous finish that makes them shine.

The second, which is a very interesting lilac shade is one of the new LUSH lipsticks, called Witty. The shade is probably not something I have ever seen before, which is why I instantly grabbed it. Everything is obviously made with natural ingredient like organic jojoba oil, watermelon seed, oil, sunflower wax & castor oil. The only issue I really have with it is having to apply so many layers of it for the colour to kind of stick. Other than that it's nice and creamy with an interesting shade.

(From left to right - Revlon Va Va Violet, Sleek, LUSH Witty, YSL 39, Revlon Colorburst)

I also have the Revlon Colorburst in Shameless. I remember when these came out and everyone went nuts for them, and rightly so. It's a perfect matte lipstick that doesn't dry out your lips and looks amazing. The pigment on it is wonderful, and the colour sticks for a very long time. I think I reapply it once in my entire day. Also, it smells really minty! The other colour I have that is also a matte (cheaper alternative), and pretty similar is from Sleek and it's in the shade Exxxaggerate. The shade is actually a little bit lighter than the Revlon one, It is a true matte in the sense that it really does not slip off. At all. The only time i've found matte's to fade is when you eat something with a lot of oil in. ( So maybe avoid that Chinese place down the road.) It's also stupidly similar to M-A-C's Heroine, so if you're looking for that shade but can't find it or don't want to spend much then this is really the perfect alternative.

I've saved my personal best for last. Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 39. It's soooo creamy and highly pigmented. It also smells amazing! Honestly, for me it's the best purple shade. A nice dark purple without being too dark, it makes your lips look like they're ridiculously kissable and appealing. You could literally have this on your lips and no eyeliner or eyeshadow or anything because it just stands out so much. I don't use it too often because i'm afraid of using it all up!


  1. Great post! In fact, all of your post were great, and I was hard to decide which post I should comment this on; your blog is amazing. Simply amazing. It's everything I find inspiring, the layout is simple, but still interesting, and you are so unique and pretty. Can't believe you've only got 47 (now 48, 'cause I'm obviously following you), but you should just keep on going, 'cause you can be really big!
    Just wanted you to know


  2. I've been looking for a shade just like Witty, but it seems to be quite a difficult shade to get a good formula with! That YSL shade is absolutely stunning. It must look so good on you! I'm definitely going to pick up that Sleek one: I've wanted to try Heroine for so long now, but haven't wanted to pay the price incase I didn't really like wearing purple lipstick!

  3. I've really been getting more into bolder lipsticks lately, although I haven't really tried any purple ones! These are some great recommendations, I will definitely check some out :)
    You have a lovely blog, I'm so glad I discovered it. x


  4. I'm obsessed with purple lipsticks! Thanks for the recommendations, the YSL shade looks so gorgeous x


  5. Wow great post !!
    your blog is gawjus !!

    would mean so much to if you commented your thoughts on my new video


    have a wonderful day

  6. i have shameless and i really like it! i also have a colourpop one that's pretty good but i absolutely need to get that ysl one now!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  7. Love purple lipstick!
    xx Elisa

  8. I love purple lipstick they always brightens out an outfit and super quirky and fun. Thanks for sharing, love your blog. Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x



    1. Yeah me too, literally makes an outfit. And yeah, course! x

  9. Purple lips are so on the top! love it ... I own few myself )



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