Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Purple Lipstick

I adore lipsticks. Adore. I have so many you could probably swim in them, this is my eyeliner. You know how most people can't go out of the house without eyeliner? For me it's lipstick. I don't care about anything else as much as I do this. It's just that thing that can really transform everything and make your entire face just, pop.
To be specific though my favourite lipsticks tend to be red or berry toned (which I'll talk about in another post), browns and purples! Yes, purple.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

OOTD: All Black

You know when it's sunny out but windy? Well today was one of those days. Coming up with the right kind of balance with weather like that can be a challenge and a half. You'll feel both hot and cold at the same time because yes, that's totally possible.
I'm a big fan of black, if I get asked what my favourite colour is i'll always always say black. I'll argue that black is a colour even though really it's kind of a lack of one, but whatever, right?

I will find a way to wear black even when it's stupidly hot outside, I am that person. I wore my duster from Topshop, that they sold out of but you can find one like it on Ebay or Depop. Paired it with my satin joggers/pants from H&M, also sold out but you can buy ones like them here & black t shirt.
Completing my outfit were my lace up pointed flats from New Look if you can't find your size there are similar ones on Asos and sunglasses from River Island.

Ta-da! That's all folks. xox

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