Sunday, 31 May 2015

LUSH: Oxford ST Haul

So as some of you may know (or not know), LUSH opened the biggest store in the world that is also their flagship store in Oxford Circus. I've been meaning to pay it a visit with my partner but we were waiting till we had enough money because we knew we would go absolutely crazy in there, and we did. The store was glorious. Every corner is packed with something amazing. It's three floors of beautiful products for every single thing you need. This store has exclusive items, and have released more than 200 new products. The first floor has shampoos, styling creams, body stuff for hands and feet, shower gels, makeup and soaps. The second has bath bombs, oils and gift sets, and the ground floor is of course the amazing spa, perfume and massage section. The best part is everything is pretty much made of natural elements, and the brand itself fights against animal testing. They're handmade, vegetarian, and totally fresh. Not to mention they recycle so if you have any empty lush pots take them in. You'll get that same product for free, and help the environment.

So i'm sure you're all (hopefully) a little curious to know what I happened to pick up, and I'll show you. We got so much that they had to double bag everything in these HUGE bags for us. Anyway on the first floor I picked up two hair products. The first is Giants Gel, now it promises that big hair isn't a fairytale. You use this on your hair for instant volume without making your hair feel sticky. You can smooth this through wet hair, or scrunch it through dry hair. I should also mention like all LUSH products it smells delicious. Next for hair I grabbed Sunny Day. It's labelled as an "anti static hair detangler" which basically means that if you tend to get frizzy hair this will help to lessen that a lot more. it has rosewood oil, violet leaf, ylang ylang, jasmine and honey so you can imagine how great this one smells.

Next I moved on to the shower gels and picked myself up Comforter, and Lord of Misrule. You may recognise them as amazing smelling bath bar and bath bomb, but fret no more they have made them into a shower gel. I can promise you they smell as delicious, if not more so, than the bombs. Comforter has blackberry and vanilla so smells really sweet, whilst Lord of Misrule has patchouli and peppercorn infusion so is a mix of sweet and musky that works oh so well. I also picked up a new fresh pot of The Sacred Truth but i won't go into that since i've already done a post reviewing it. Also on this floor (the first) I picked up my first ever LUSH cosmetics! The first is a eye powder called Protect. It's a silver blue shimmery colour that's absolutely stunning, you can see it below. Next I picked up the liquid eyeliner in Fantasy, a lovely shiny gold that glides on so easily. This one isn't new but it's the first time i'm trying it. Lastly from the makeup I bought a lipstick. LUSH have finally made actual stick lipsticks instead of liquid ones. The colour I grabbed is Witty, a really incredible purple lilac. 

(Protect, Fantasy & Witty)

Lastly, on the second floor I picked up a very blue bath bomb called Frozen (like the Disney), which has grapefruit and Tunisian neroli in it so literally smells well, lush! I also got these adorable bath oils in Furze that literally have flowers on them and pretty much smell like you'll be bathing in a field of all kinds of flowers. I'm so so excited to try everything and i'll do a more extensive review on them once I do. Basically the biggest thing you should take from this post is if you haven't gone to the LUSH store on Oxford St. what in the world are you even waiting for? It's a little slice of heaven.

Roxy xox 


  1. This is a huge store (: I love Lush products
    Nati xx

  2. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love Lush – this is my heaven. Also, I'm quite jealous of your Frozen bath bomb. Sounds incredible! *heart eyes emoji*

  3. Comforter Shower Creme is the best product ever!

  4. Oh my gosh, this store looks amazing! I'm going down to London so I'll have to stop by! I think I'll be like a kid in a candy shop...xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  5. I keep seeing photos and glimpses of this gorgeous & huge store which I am yet to visit but i just can't wait to dedicate like half of a day to spend in there because it looks amazing x

    Beauty with charm

  6. Wow, looks amazing! I would love to take a visit :)


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