Thursday, 18 September 2014

How I Got My Hair To Purple!

So going from a really dark dark brown, to a very light blonde is no easy task, but as a broke recent graduate I took on the challenge of dyeing my hair myself. Before I begin, i'll let you in on something... that was a big mistake. I was all like "yeah I can totally do this, how hard can it really be blah blah blah" Well let me tell you, it was hard as hell and I obviously screwed it up. So anyway, I went and bought a box from Bleach London, the dip dye one and some of their toner. Went home followed the instructions put the toner on towel dried hair and well, this was the result... yeah.  (Ignore my ugly old work t-shirt :') I know that blue is hideous.)

I obviously panicked because my hair was far too orange to go a pastel purple so i took my ass to Bleach London in Dalston and asked them for help. I heard the biggest load of BS possible. The woman at the desk told me, and i quote "people with your dark hair colour can't really go light anyway." Now, if you've gone from dark brown to blonde then you know otherwise. I then told her that I had silver hair before so i'm pretty sure my hair does go light. I went to get help from them but instead she suggested i just buy another box of their dip dye and toner and try a second time. Being totally gullible and believing a "professionals" advice did exactly that. So this was attempt 2. 

Basically, no change. It went more yellow than orange but it was still disgusting and my hair wasn't in good condition and I honestly felt like giving up and just slapping on another colour and trying to get it back to a healthy state. Determination won in the end. I figured I had already come this far I was NOT going to turn back now! I remembered the hair dressers next to mine had done my hair really nicely before so I took a walk and went into them basically like this 

They couldn't do much for me because I had just bleached my hair... twice. My hair was in really bad condition and Paula did a test strand on my hair to strip the yellow out, it worked but it was already breaking my hair. It had no elasticity so she gave me a temporary solution. She basically put a more toned down ashy caramel organic semi dye on my hair that would wash out really fast and told me to come back to her in two weeks. i also got this protein spray on my hair and was told to use it every single day without fail to get my hair back to it's strength. I was disheartened but content with the outcome. I ended up starting my new job with this hair colour. It was O.K but I wasn't happy. 

Anyway, about a week and a half later I looked at my rota and saw i had a day off so I called Paula to FINALLY sort the mess that was my hair, I booked in with her and counted the days. My hair was in a lot better condition than before, it still wasn't good and I had to get the ends trimmed off but it was better. She stripped all the remaining yellow out of my hair and voila! It was this perfect light blonde (that I didn't get a photo of) and proceeded to put my Directions hair dye on. Colours used were Plum and Lavender, plum is on the upper parts, it was also diluted because it was too dark and lavender on most of the bottom. It obviously hasn't left my hair in lovely condition but I've been using the protein spray and a lot of Argan oil. Time will heal it. All in all though? I love it. 

Moral of the story? You're not a hairdresser, save up and get your hair done properly, honestly. 


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