Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Another girl joins Tinder!

So, like any other person over the last few years i've heard about of dating sites like Okpoopid, Grindr, Brenda and of course, Tinder and at one point joined one myself. So not long ago I joined on the hype that is Tinder to see exactly what it was all about.

Call it an experiment, but here was my thought process:

  • Tool, tool, tool, tool, tool, tool, tool, tool...
  • Why can we only see half your face? (swipes to second image) Oh. Now I see why.
  • Please be the attractive friend (you never are)
  • Are you SURE you're not really meant to be on Grindr?
  • Hey look a girl finally showed up! They exist.
  • Is that your kid? Because I really can't tell.
  • MATE.
  • Oh, a friend in common! ... (I don't like that person therefore I don't want to talk to you.)
  • (See's someone I know) ... I'm going to pretend that never happened
  • You're definitely underage
  • SHIT, I swiped someone attractive. Ah well. 
  • Play on playa' 
And then, there was this guy. 

Yes, that is a giant penis, and no, I was so not going to question it. I deleted the app faster than you could say poopty peupty pants. 


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