Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lakes Photo Shoot ~

I had a shoot on sunday with the lovely Dani and Nicola Archbold. 
I've been meaning to do a shoot in a lake since last summer, but it just never happened. 
Eventually I found myself planning everything all over again, I got the rose crown, bought real antlers and then made a headpiece out of them myself. 
I really wanted to portray something really ethereal and otherworldly with this shoot and I think I managed to do just that.
All my images tend to have this mystical feel about them, and it's something i'd like to continue.

Anyhow, originally we had a no show for this shoot the previous week and I put out a casting call for a model and came across the lovely Dani. She was perfect for the shoot. I wanted a bold look while still having soft features, and brown hair. I got exactly that.

Now the lake itself took a lot of deciding, because i'm up North for university I figured the Lake District would be the perfect location for this. Originally, we were going to go with Derwentwater but I soon found out there would be boat traffic, and I really did not want that. Boats in the shots would just distract away from the main focus of the image, the model. So we organised a trip up to Buttermere, my friend kindly drove us and we braced ourselves for the cold that would await us. 

You can see us FREEZING in the image up there. I'm pretty sure we got second stage hypothermia. I couldn't feel my legs for a good while after. There was also difficulty I had not anticipated. The rocks were covered in moss so keeping my balance in the water was hellish, and I was terrified of dropping my camera. Not to mention those rocks were sharp and I think at some point I cut my foot. Poor Dani had to try and control her shivering for me to get the shots. Don't worry though, we grabbed food and copious amounts of tea after! 


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