Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Love/Hate Relationship With Heels.

I'm sorry for being so inconsistent with this blog, I promise that'll start to change now. I've decided i'll be dedicating a day a week to posting something for anyone who reads this. Anyway, my main subject for today is shoes. Every girls best friend. Specifically though, high heeled shoes. We all have that craze and want a nice pair of Jimmy Choo's or Louboutin's. They're beautiful and make your legs look like a goddess. They go with skirts, skinny jeans and shorts, basically, they're a necessity that make anything look good. But what about that scorching pain you get when you wear them for hours and the blisters. Or even maintaining that last shred of dignity you have left, by trying to keep your balance after having maybe a little too much to drink. Yet you aways insist "I'm not druvnk" and continue to stumble along in those heels, pushing away anyone from helping you walk.
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