Friday, 17 January 2014

Some Of My Favourites!

It's the end of the month so I thought I would share with you all my favourite beauty products from this month and review them at the same time. I've got some LUSH products, Soap & Glory, M-A-C, Makeup brushes, Tangle Teezer and more.

I'll start with the Body Shop Mango Body Butter. Initially when I bought this I was going to buy the Shea one but after smelling it I changed my mind. I wanted something that smelt really good but wasn't too strong, I looked at the Pink Grapefruit but the scent from it was far too overwhelming. The lady working there asked If I needed help so I told her what I wanted and she recommended the Mango flavour because she also uses it, i smelt it and fell in love. It's so refreshing and feels really good on my skin, my skin feels extremely moisturised after using it. A little goes a long way.

This beauty here has gotten me through the harshest weather conditions. My skin varies from normal to dry and in winter or when the seasons change it flakes which is weird as hell, but this baby here fixes it right up for me. It's so moisturising and sinks into your skin rather than just sitting there. I use it every single day and it always keeps my skin so smooth and moisturised, would seriously recommend. I've purchased it every single time I have ran out.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people have reviewed the sugar crush body scrub by Soap & Glory and oh my god it's glorious. It smells delicious, to the point where I really want to eat it. Sometimes I just lather it on my skin for the smell and nothing more. It leaves me skin feeling really smooth and soft after I shower and it's just heavenly.

3 products in one photo. The Bourjois Paris is a bronzing powder that pretty much smells of chocolate and is pigmented and shows very well no matter what skin tone you have I think. It's slightly shimmery too which is a bonus, because it's not this overwhelming shimmer but very subtle and lovely. The other 2 are my favourite brushes. I hate spending a lot of money on brushes, i believe it's silly and they're really overpriced but i splashed out on my real techniques brush and it makes a huge difference now, I use it to blend my concealor and foundation. The other brush is the Elf blending brush, it's slightly weak/prone to breaking, however blends everything really well for me so i'm in love with it. 

The Tangle Teezer brush! Everyone has gone on about it, i'm sure. Combs my hair very well, doesn't rip it out like a lot of brushes i've used and is just smooooth. Also having it purple and glittery makes me pretty happy, it does come in other colours so take your pick. The other product is my M-A-C matte lipstick in "Taupe", now if you know me you'll know it's the one lipstick I've been wearing for 2 months consistently since I bought it. I own a lot of M-A-C lipsticks but this one is by far my favourite right now. Everytime i use a matte lipstick it's really drying but not this one! It lasts for so long too i only re-apply it once throughout the day and the colour is beautiful. One of the most underrated lipsticks they have. 

Sleek has been my latest discovery! I'm late to the party and knew nothing of their products untill I watched Zoella on Youtube and saw her talk about them. I went out and had a look and this is one of my eyeshadow palettes. Everyone talks about the "Au Natural" one, which I also own, however this one is the "Ultra matts v2" palette, which has very dark highly pigmented colours. There is forest green, dark blue, dark purple, turquoise and so forth in it. I like matching my eyeshadows to what i'm wearing and having hints of colour sometimes so this is perfect for that. 

Last but definitely not least, LUSH products. Specifically the bath bombs, though later i'll tell you guys about other products of theirs that I use and love. I bought "Sex Bomb", "Phoenix Rising" and "Tisty Tosty." They were all really great. My favourite out of the lot was probably Phoenix Rising, because I adore cinnamon and that's pretty much what is smelt like. I loved the little roses in "Tisty Totsy" that floated about in the bath, and Sex Bomb had one of the most relaxing smells and turned the water all purple/pink.

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