Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What a waste!

How many times have you bought products that haven't turned out like you wanted them to, and just thought "what a waste of money"? It's always disappointing because when you buy new things you can't wait to use them and then when you do and they're just, well shit, it really bums you out. At least in my case it does. More than half the fun of shopping is going home to try everything. Well, i'm going to tell you about some products i've bought and why they were a complete and total failure.

So the first is this Nivea "Pearly Shine" lip balm/care, I totally bought this on impulse while waiting at the checkout in Superdrugs because I needed a new lip balm and I tend to really like Nivea products, (I use their moisturising cream with Jojoba oil and it does wonders for my skin) so I thought this would too. Oh how wrong was I. It did NOTHING for my lips, felt really weird, didn't soak in and just sort of sat there. The colour is also hideous, it's patchy and completely unflattering. Really would not recommend. 
The second item was recommended to me by a friend, again from Superdrugs. It's the Garnier Caffeine eye roll on. I bought this because I wanted to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes due to my insomnia and darker mismatched skin tone above my eyes and my friend told me here sister used this and it helped. I tried for so long, applied it every night and nothing. I saw 0 change. It was also a little sticky and too liquidy for my taste, then when it dried it REALLY dried my skin. I really wanted this product to work. 

These are two hair products I bought over a year ago, the Aussie one is actually nearly empty however I don't particularly care for it. It's the Aussie "Miracle Hair Insurance" leave in conditioner. I bought this when I had my hair bleached and wanted to get my hair in better condition, I used the product however I don't particularly feel like it was effective as I saw/felt no results from it. On the plus side, it smells good. Still on the hunt for that perfect leave in conditioner, so if anyone has any recommendations throw them my away. The other bottle is V05 Megahold Weather Resistant Spray. I think I have an issue with most styling products, I like my hair soft and smooth and these make it dry and hard, the smell is awful too. It smells like medicine. It was SO sticky and did not make my hair resistant to the UK windy weather. All in all, a poor product. 

I am a HUGE fan of Soap & Glory products. I adore the strawberry and chocolate lip balm by them called "A Great Kisser" and the Sugar Crush Scrub (which I will talk about in my "August favourites" post.) So I went out and bought "Glow Job", which is meant to be a moisturising lotion that makes your skin glow. The product has these bronzing beads that I absolutely despised. I have sensitive skin and don't like to rub stuff like that in my face so I had to be really careful, but the bigger problem was that there wasn't a consistency with the bronzer so I would just have random bits of it on my face and it didn't blend well. It pretty much looked like streaks/sections of bronzed skin. It just required too much work. I have somewhat dry skin at times and the product really didn't help, if anything it made my skin feel so much worse. Others have also stated that after a while of using it they broke out in spots, thankfully I tried it, hated it and haven't touched it since. 

Last but not least is this baby here. This was probably the biggest disappointment out of them all for me. The reason being is that I tend to sweat a fair amount, even in winter when i'm cold I still sweat. I hate it, i'm embarrassed by it and no matter what I do this isn't something I can fix. It's a big reason why I tend to stay away from lighter coloured t-shirts. This product states that it gives maximum protection for 24 hours. LIES. It does no such thing. It minimises it somewhat during the cold days, but we've had incredible heat this summer in London and it has done nothing for me, and I do mean nothing. I desperately wanted this to work for me but it does not, again on the plus side it smells lovely, but that alone doesn't help. 


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  1. Oh my gosh! I have spent so much on products that ended up disappointing me! I can totally relate to how awful that feeling is! I have really coarse, curly and frizzy hair that is SO THICK... I have literally a cabinet full of hair products that just can't keep up with my hair! What a waste!
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