Monday, 26 August 2013

Catfish: The TV Show - A Sociopath in the Making

So, i've been enjoying the last few days off of work by catching up on season 2 of Catfish, the TV show. Now for those of you who don't know the program it's basically a reality show about these 2 guys, Nev and Max, who travel to reveal peoples fake online persona. They receive an email from someone asking them to help them meet someone they have been talking to online, they travel to this person, find out information on the person they have been talking to online and then either reveal them to be lying about who they are, and on the rare occasion actually prove that people can and do tell the truth on the internet.

It's one hell of an entertaining show and I personally watch it and just think "you idiot, it's obvious the person is fake considering they don't want to video chat with you", and yet I still feel so bad for the people who get deceived, one guy even gave a girl lots of money and expensive gifts. Anyway, I was watching the episode with a quirky girl called Jen who has been talking to a guy called Skylar. Nev and Max do their thing, dig up information but everything with this guy comes up blank, they cannot find one piece of information on him. Anyway they call him up and after some coaxing he agrees to let them bring Jen and visit him. 

This is where it gets shocking, more shocking than the usual. I have seen it all on this show, girls pretending to be guys, guys pretending to be girls, old men, young people, all kinds of people! But this is the one episode where my face was literally like the "omg cat."

This guy could care less about Jen or her feelings. He states "I don't have any real emotional feelings towards her, she's actually not the only girl i've spoken to." So not only has he been messing around with this girls feelings, but he's screwed with others. When asked why he did it he said "I just wanted to brush up my game." Mate, you have no game. He looks like a complete sociopath, no my bad, he IS a sociopath. This guy has the most poker face and lifeless eyes I have ever seen. There is absolutely 0 emotion in his voice and he even goes so far to say he's not sorry for what he's done, and "it is what it is." 
But wait, it gets worse. This guy is the douchiest of douches, I mean if there was an award for "biggest douchebag" there wouldn't even be a competition, he would wipe it clean. You can see how much of a sociopath he actually is as soon as he says, "I was giving her, like, a gift of being in that relationship." IT'S OKAY GUYS, I mean, he was giving her a gift, panic over. She should bow down to him and thank him for emotionally toying with her and then fan him while feeding him grapes. Can a person be more distorted? Someone needs to put this guy in a psychiatric ward before he goes and starts murdering women and calling that a "gift" too. Please just watch the episode and listen to this guys emotionless, monotone voice. I mean the guy barely says much but when he does it's the biggest pile of pigeon poo. And we've all seen pigeon poo! That stuff is small, now imagine a hoard of it raining down on you, a storm of pigeon shit... yeah. 



  1. I've only seen a few episodes of that show, but its really entertaining to watch. That guy is a total jerk. I just don't understand why anyone would feel the need to hurt someone like that.
    Anywho, funny and interesting post to read! I for sure need to start watching that show again. :)

    1. It really is. I just don't get how it happens to people in this day and age and with that show on. He is full on craaaaazy. I was just staring at his face throughout the episode and damn, that man is a robot. Sad thing is, he didn't care, he told her he didn't think about her feelings. It was a really different episode because in most the catfish has feelings towards the victim. Glad you enjoyed it :)

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