Sunday, 7 October 2012

Making an impression

First posts are always important aren't they? They're the first impression you form of someone, it's just like meeting them, you take in their physical appearance and then fully form an idea on them depending on whatever prepares to come out of their mouth. Anyhow, i'm rambling as I always do, I'd like to think i'm more interesting than I probably actually am but hey. It's a nerve wrecking thing meeting someone for the first time though isn't it? I mean you don't know what to say or do, do you go in for a hug or shake their hand? I personally like hugs but what if that person goes in for a handshake and i lean in for a hug... awkward much. When I meet people all I can think of is this:

I don't actually really like trains, but you get my point. I tend to just silently observe sometimes unless i'm spoken to first, then i'll just respond until I get a little used to the person. I feel like this is exactly the same on the internet, it's not as daunting considering i'm not actually facing a person and someone may or may not be reading this but still. I'd make an introduction, say my name, what I like but I think i'll just leave that to slowly unravel in what I post. 

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