Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Tattoo Addiction

So I guess I chose this topic to write about because I recently watched this program on Channel 4 called "my tattoo addiction" and just found the whole show to be quite disgusting.
Now the description for this show is this, "This film explores the world of tattoos; the artists, the reasons why people have them and what happens when they regret them." However it is so unbelievably inaccurate and exaggerated to the point where it's not even funny. I don't know what "world of tattoos" they're talking about because they focus on about 5 different scruffy individuals. Then the rest of the show shows drunken stupid teens getting dumbass tattoos in Napa by "tattooists" who don't give a shit about art and just care about money.

One guy who has tattoos like "cunt" and the website to his old workplace, another guy who is completely and utterly obsessed with Miley Cyrus that he has about 14 tattoos relating to/or off of her, another who has a "scorpion" (looks more like a lobster) tattooed on his neck and gets another to cover up the name of his ex, a woman who had the name of her ex husband tattooed and gets an ugly cover up of flowers on it later on and this cat lady who has her own studio in her home. I cannot understand how they are the "world." As for the "artists" it looks at one guy who is apparently the best guy for cover ups in the uk (so much rubbish) who is pretty much unheard of and looks to be in an unclean studio to me. If anyone wants to go see his work, it's right below.
Other than him we see a 2 others who also seem pretty unknown and do very mediocre at best tattoos. 

Now, the first guy with the word "cunt" tattooed on him starts of by getting the web address tattoo on his chest covered up by an eagle, it all seems a little interesting until he shows up the to tattoo parlor completely drunk and the tattooist then complains about this and says he wouldn't tattoo someone drunk but still goes ahead and continue to tattoo him anyway! It's highly unprofessional  no reputable tattooist would ever tattoo someone drunk or under the influence of drugs. 
The Miley Cyrus guy appears to be lovely, despite seeming quite crazy, however his tattoos are a whole other level. He has 17 Miley Cyrus tattoos and 2 portraits of her have gone way overboard with the shading making her skin look dark rather than white or fair. It's more like a portrait of a zombie if anything. As for cat lady all i could think was "scratcher" it does not say where or how she got her license or if she studied art or anything like that, personally i think she bought a crap kit off of Ebay and decided to try it out. She tattooed her father in the video to cover up a racist tattoo as he was racist back in the day. I mean it's a "touching story" or whatever but the end result looks quite horribly awful as shown in the side.

As for tattoos the photo above is all my current ones so far, there are definitely more to come, and so watching that show I was just horrified. I love my tattoos, I will always love and treasure them. Who the hell cares how i'm going to look at 50, I may not even live till 50 and besides how many old ladies do you see with full on tattoos? A small amount. How cool is it when you do see them? Pretty damn cool. I want to be able to tell my children and grandchildren about them, about why i have them and all the precious stories behind them. They will forever make me who I am and be a part of me, till death so us "part." I have put a lot of care and thought into my tattoos so that program is just shameful, it makes the rest of us look like scruffy dumb idiots who do stupid things and regret them in the end when that is not the case. I know plenty of people with jaw dropping tattoos and they treasure theirs as much as I do. Their tattoos do not define them, it does not make them less of who they are, it does not make them uneducated or professional. That show just gives people like us a bad name. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Making an impression

First posts are always important aren't they? They're the first impression you form of someone, it's just like meeting them, you take in their physical appearance and then fully form an idea on them depending on whatever prepares to come out of their mouth. Anyhow, i'm rambling as I always do, I'd like to think i'm more interesting than I probably actually am but hey. It's a nerve wrecking thing meeting someone for the first time though isn't it? I mean you don't know what to say or do, do you go in for a hug or shake their hand? I personally like hugs but what if that person goes in for a handshake and i lean in for a hug... awkward much. When I meet people all I can think of is this:

I don't actually really like trains, but you get my point. I tend to just silently observe sometimes unless i'm spoken to first, then i'll just respond until I get a little used to the person. I feel like this is exactly the same on the internet, it's not as daunting considering i'm not actually facing a person and someone may or may not be reading this but still. I'd make an introduction, say my name, what I like but I think i'll just leave that to slowly unravel in what I post. 
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